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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happiness According to Lenny

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Lenny has a book called Happiness is a Warm Puppy by Charles M. Schulz.  He can read most of it himself now.  Lately he has started coming up with his own versions such as, "Happiness is coming home after a long trip" and "Happiness is having a little brother."

I'm glad he feels that way.  I know I'm not the first parent to feel guilty because once a second child comes along things change for the first one.  They don't get the attention they used to.  But Lenny says, "If Linus hadn't been born I would be sobbing right now."  Did I mention that he can be a little dramatic sometimes?

We had snow on the ground when we woke up this morning.  Just an inch or so but really?  In April?  Lenny was even happy to see that.  I was not.  I thought I was done having to schlep the car seat in and out of the van.  Do you know you're not supposed to put coats on babies in car seats because the straps won't be tight enough and they won't be safe?  Some time I need to write a blog post about how we all need to cut helicopter parents some slack because the number of ways that we are told that our kids could be in dire danger is just out of this world.  I'd say "astronomical" but hubby would then point out that that could mean extremely small or extremely large.  You get the point.

So what is my point?  Happiness for me right now would be being able to carry the baby out to the car without worrying about hypothermia.  Also, happiness would be getting enough sleep.  That did not happen last night - worse than usual.  I know that sentence is extremely awkward, but it makes sense to me.  Here's another gem from Lenny: "You love sleep as much as I love bacon... and ice cream and pizza... and chocolate bars."  It's true.

I was happy, and a little apprehensive today when I saw that something I wrote has been posted as a guest post on another blog.  The author of the blog is intelligent and takes on tough issues.  She is an excellent writer.  I have a tendency to compare myself to other people and... well I was a little nervous.  But the comments have been positive, so I feel pretty happy about that.

How would you complete the phrase "Happiness is...."

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