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Friday, April 11, 2014

Flashback Friday: 25 Phrases I Said Every Day for Six Months

 This was written when Lenny was about fourteen months old.  The weird thing is that with kids who are almost five years apart my "Mommy script" now makes me sound like someone with a split personality.  Lenny wanted to know recently why I always use my sweet voice when talking to the baby, bot not to him.  When I used it on him he didn't like it at all.

Repetition with variety is essential to learning." That's one of my dad's favorite quotes. Maybe if I give you a taste of what I've been repeating lately you'll have an idea of what Lenny's learning. Here are some quotes from my "Mommy script" - in no particular order.

  1. "Leave your diaper on please."
  2. "Don't bite/scratch/pinch Mommy. It hurts her."
  3. "What are you eating?"
  4. "Who loves you? Say 'Mommy loves me.'"
  5. "What does the doggy say? Woof Woof!"
  6. "Where's the baby? There he is!"
  7. "Are you hungry?"
  8. "Are you sleepy?"
  9. "Do you want a drink?"
  10. "Can I have a kiss?"
  11. "Good job! What a good boy!"
  12. "It's sleepy time."
  13. "Where's your doggy?"
  14. "Do you want to go in your jumpy seat?"
  15. "Do you want to go for a walk?"
  16. "Who's here? Is it Daddy?"
  17. "What do you have?"
  18. "Mommy needs that. Can you give it to Mommy?
  19. "Are you helping Mommy with the laundry?
  20. "Be nice."
  21. "That's very loud."
  22. "You're funny."
  23. "Bonk!"
  24. "Are you having fun?"
  25. "Wow!"
 Some things (hopefully) don't get repeated often. Like, "Why are you bringing groceries into the living room?" Although to tell you the truth, it was clear that the reason he brought them in was, well, that he had a secret mission to perform. Thus the cammo. The can ended up under the magazine stand - briefly.

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