Just so you know

All right. I have ideas. I think about stuff. So here is the spot for stuff I'm thinking about and want to be able to share more broadly and possibly promote. Like I have time for this.

Everything is provisional at this point and subject to change in the future - as far as the blog is concerned. In real life some things will remain unchanged.

Also, our children are not really named Lenny and Linus. We are not that cool.

Feel free to share, rant, disagree, but please remember that I'm an actual person who tries to be respectful. I'd love it if you are and do to.


I'm a stay at home mom with of two boys.  Lenny, who's in kindergarten this year and Linus, the baby.  Those aren't their real names.  I read somewhere the Linus is a newly popular "hipster" name and thought that if we were cooler we would have named our youngest that.  I just think that Lenny goes with it.

My baby doesn't sleep well and at the moment I'm perpetually exhausted.  But I have a Facebook addiction and my brain still swirls with ideas and opinions about articles I read and comments people make.  In particular I have opinions about science, faith, health, raising children, education.  I might even have a few about feminism.  That's not really very particular.  I also like to cook and when I don't have an infant I crochet and do a few crafts.  It might be a better idea to focus my blog on a few of these, but I probably won't.  What's the internet for if not unbridled communication of anything that comes into our heads?

Some Acronyms 
I grew up as a child of cross cultural missionaries, which makes me a "third culture kid" and a "missionary kid." TCK, MK

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  Also Environmental Illness.  Thankfully both of those are currently not as severe as they have been in the past.  CFS/ME

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