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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Baby Imponderables

 I discovered an author a few years ago who tries to find answers for questions that people consider unanswerable. He calls them "impomderables."  David Feldman has written books like When Did Wild Poodles Roam the Earth?, Do Penguins Have Knees?, and Why do Clocks run Clockwise?.

I have a few imponderables of my own that I've been wondering about since Lenny was born.  They include:
  1. What do newborn babies dream about?
  2. What's so interesting about ceiling fans, shoes, cables and cords, CD cases and soda cans?
  3. Why are blenders, food processors, and tin foil scary?
  4. Why do babies refuse the food we try to feed them when they're in a high chair, but put every speck they find on the floor in their mouths?
  5. Why are babies soothed so much better by a standing adult than by one who's seated?

Do you have any baby imponderables?

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