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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ten Signs You're Reading Too Many Lists on the Internet

  1. You clicked on this link.  Unless you are one of my loyal readers.  In that case you obviously do not have a problem.  Unless....
  2. You are still reading this list.  I really don't have anything to say, but since I put it in list form it seems so much more entertaining and easy to read.  So carry on.
  3. You are considering pinning this picture of a duck.  So that you will not lose this important list.  You might want to reread it later.
  4. You have based a blog post on a list you found on Buzzfeed.  Oh wait, that's me.
  5. When you follow a link to Buzzfeed you click on two or three other links on the site and spend at least half an hour reading.  It's OK.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step.
  6. You are at least 47% more likely to click on a link if it is presented in list form.  Really.  That's the threshold.  I just made it up and put it on my blog, so it must be true.
  7. You are still, still reading this list.  Because you are hoping that you have not wasted the last three minutes of your life and I really am going somewhere with this.  Or just out of habit.  Or to be polite.  Thank you for being polite.
  8. You are now cheering for me, hoping that I come up with the advertised ten reasons.  Because you are a really nice person and would hate to have a good list founder on the rocks of actually needing to have some real content.
  9. You are already scanning your Facebook feed for the next list.  Although this is not the list you were looking for, you are confident that it's out there somewhere. 
  10. You are hoping that the next list you find will also have a picture of ducks.  Because the only thing we need more than more lists is more ducks.
Thank  you for your support.  This is the end of the list.