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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Quick Note About My Thought Process

From the zoo:  Don't waste your time searching for signs of life!

A friend commented that she hasn't seen much movement on my part regarding this faith journey I'm on.  I've been thinking about that.  I think that what I've been doing, actually, is settling in to the point I'm at right now. 

I've spent a lot of years avoiding thinking about what I believe about God and the Bible.  I went for two years, in fact, without going to church at all.  During that time I didn't spend much time praying, reading the Bible, or even wondering what I believed.  I assumed that I still believed in God, but I had some problems with the details of how my relationship with Him was supposed to work.  Putting myself through the ringer of trying to figure it out was too stressful, so I just stopped trying.

Then when Lenny was starting to really understand what was going on around him I felt that it would be good for all of us to go to church as a family.  I'd found some other ways to plug in to the community, but church was always one that was important to me growing up and I felt that it would be good to do that for my child.  We ended up staying at the church we had been going to (Allen never stopped).  Lenny loves it.  His biggest disappointment is that we always have to leave and he never gets to spend as much time as he would like with his church friends.  It's pretty much the complaint he has about any social interaction.

My biggest anxiety is that I am not teaching him about God the "right" way.  I don't want to fill his head with a bunch of rules and rote answers about who God is and how to please Him.  Perhaps as a result Lenny said, when his children's Bible suggested that he tell others about God, that he doesn't know very much about God and wouldn't know what to tell others.  We suggested he tell what he knows and, if more information is needed, ask an adult.

But when I went back to church things had changed pretty dramatically in my life.  Besides becoming a mom I'd gotten more involved in the community, made one of the closest non Christian friends I've had in my life, and seen an improvement in my health.  I felt more capable and less inclined to accept influences in my life that lead to emotional upset.

People say things like "I don't know what I would do without God in my life" or "God has blessed me so much."  I might have said that in the past.  But the fact that some truly positive changes came in my life at a time when I was feeling very distant from God is confusing to me.  Either I should be extremely grateful because He chose to work in my life at a time when I was doing everything "wrong," or doing everything "wrong" was really the right way to do it and the good changes had nothing to do with belief in, or the existence of God.

I would love it if tomorrow at church I had a supernatural encounter with God that reminded me all over again of the faith and hope I once had and restored my belief to the level it was then.  But I can't go back to the emotional wasteland I was in at that time.  I would rather be here, questioning everything to do with faith but with a tentative confidence in my ability to live a full life than clinging desperately to my faith while my hopes are shattered again and again against the rocky shore.  If God is real, if truth is revealed in the Bible and demonstrated by the church then that reality will withstand questions and even a more skeptical, distant examination.  Well, some might question that.  I've been hearing and reading some interesting thoughts about the nature of belief lately, but that will have to be dealt with another day.  Or night.


  1. Not "much movement?" The question almost implies there is a set destination. Faith journeys, as far as I can tell, don't work like that. The journey is the point. Seems to me, at least from a distance, that you have already settled into a place along your path you are happy with, but simply trying to reconcile with the idea that you had to move on from somewhere else. You don't need all of the "answers" for either you or Lenny, you just need to be honest (at least to yourself) about where you are right now. Good luck.

    1. Thanks. I feel like I've made a change in how I think about myself and what I believe. It's been a long time coming, but it feels like a big shift just in the past few months. It's hard after a lifetime of really feeling like faith was a destination and I had arrived. I find myself thinking about a lot of what's happened in my life in a different light. It takes time. Sometimes it's hard to be patient with myself and the process.

  2. I just found your blog this morning. I've only read through three posts so far. And I already love them all. Major props for being so open and transparent in your struggles. How different would Christianity be if we all stopped focusing on the trite, and started focusing on the REAL? Love it.

    1. Thanks! I missed this comment the other day. I'm hoping to write a post to update on what I've been thinking lately. I managed to read part of a book this summer that helped me feel more peace. I still have lots of unresolved issues, but it's some progress, at least.